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U-Visas - A Brief Overview

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

A U-visa is a very special type of visa that opens up the pathway to permanent residency to the applicant. Why is the U-visa so special? We address this and other commonly-asked questions below.

What makes a U-visa special?

A U-visa is special for a couple of different reasons. First off and most importantly, a U-visa forgives a wide array of grounds of inadmissibility to the United States through the Form I-192, Application for Advance Permission to Enter as a Nonimmigrant, which is submitted alongside a Petition for U Nonimmigrant Status, Form I-918. This is important because it means that even an individual who has a record of multiple illegal entries into the United States can remain in the United States to adjust status if he or she meets the other eligibility requirements for a U-visa. This option is rarely available to those people who have an unlawful entry into the United States, and much less so for those people who have a history of entering the US without inspection and subsequently exiting the country, subjecting them to bars to reentry for having accrued unlawful presence.

What exactly is a U-visa?

A U-visa is a visa available to victims of crimes that have occurred within the territory of the United States. The applicant must report the occurrence of the crime to proper law enforcement agencies and must continue to cooperate with law enforcement investigative efforts. Currently, 28 crimes qualify for the issuance of a U-visa if other eligibility criteria are met. They are as follows:

· Abduction

· Abusive Sexual Contact

· Blackmail

· Domestic Violence

· Extortion

· False Imprisonment

· Female Genital Mutilation

· Felonious Assault

· Fraud in Foreign Labor Contracting

· Hostage

· Incest

· Involuntary Servitude

· Kidnapping

· Manslaughter

· Murder

· Obstruction of Justice

· Peonage

· Perjury

· Prostitution

· Rape

· Sexual Assault

· Sexual Exploitation

· Slave Trade

· Stalking

· Torture

· Trafficking

· Witness Tampering

· Unlawful Criminal Restraint

Other crimes may also make one eligible to apply for a U-visa if the crime’s elements are substantially similar to the above-listed crimes. Also, attempt, conspiracy, or solicitation of these crimes may qualify one for a U-visa. To evaluate your eligibility for a U-visa, set up a consultation with us today by clicking on the following link:

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Disclaimer: The above post is general in nature ONLY and should not be construed as legal advice. Furthermore, by using this blog site, you acknowledge and understand that no Attorney-Client relationship is created between the blog reader and the blog poster. For an individual case analysis, contact the firm today.

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